The Clever Monkey

"Aargh ... aargh!" A huge lion roared in agony. He put a big paw on his sore cheek.
"Ooh look, a scary lion! Wait he's on the loose! Everyone run for your lives!" The monkey scampered up and down. "Hey where is every one?" he looked around.

Looking at the lion, "We are the only ones here."
"Hey lion I will help you with your tooth ... Arrr help me lion, I'm being monkey-knapped. Heeeelp, heeeelp help me lion. Help me." The little monkey was whisked away.

When the monkey-knapper got home he treated the monkey badly. Over night the monkey used his clever brain to escape. He looked out the window. It was a long way down so he went to the door, but it was locked so he had a look around for another way out, but he couldn't do it with an empty stomach. He saw a banana and quickly jumped up on the bench and ate it.

"That gave me some energy," he declared bouncing around. He jumped down and ran to the back door.
"How dumb is he, he left it unlocked!" and he jumped over the fence, heading off in the direction of the big tent.
Back at the circus, he slowly crept up behind and very quietly got the key out of the guard's pocket ... opened the door then quickly shut the door to the lion's cage.

Back at the house the monkey-napper woke up. He didn't see the monkey anywhere, but he heard the circus and thought he would investigate.
He saw the monkey, but he was in the lion's cage. He was so sleepy that he tripped and ran into his own fence.
So the monkey was safe. He went over to lion.

"Does your tooth still hurt?" "Yes."
"Do you want me to pull out your tooth now?"
"YES please!" So the monkey yanked the tooth out.
"Ouch that hurt! But I'm all right. Thanks for getting back in and helping me get out my tooth."

Years later they still did shows and acts together and they enjoyed being in the circus together.

by Jackson, Newtown State School, Queensland, Australia