Chameleon and Scorpion

Qaqa was a favorite place for animals. In Qaqa the king of the animals was Chameleon. All other animals bowed before Chameleon and gave him a lot of respect. Chameleon did not want other animals to be king so he guarded his position aggressively.

One day Scorpion, Giraffe, Monkey and Mouse wanted to kill Chameleon. The mouse said, "Chameleon is strong and clever and it will never be easy for anyone to become a king. Who will kill the king?" The monkey said, "Giraffe!" Giraffe said, "No it's the mouse.' The mouse said, " Hey not me Scorpion." So Scorpion said, "Fine I will kill the king."

One day Chameleon called a meeting of all the animals. Chameleon was short so he stood on the tree when he was addressing all the animals. So when Chameleon was busy talking Scorpion went up the tree, much to the surprise of other animals who never thought anyone could stand against Chameleon. Scorpion quickly poisoned Chameleon.

Chameleon fell down and moved slowly. He started changing colors from black to green to yellow to pink. This created fear in other animals and they ran away, even Scorpion took flight. Chameleon was still giving orders saying, 'Because Owl has two big eyes she must watch over me," said Chameleon. "I want Owl to tell me when Scorpion comes out." So Owl would not sleep, Scorpion went underground and in the rocks because he knew Chameleon had realized he poisoned him. Chameleon was still slow and he felt weaker. He kept changing colors. Owl knew he had to keep orders and tried to hide in a big grass, but came out when the other animals were asleep. Since then these animals have been behaving like that.

by Benson, Vulamazibuko Primary School, South Africa