Acrostic poem - Australia

by NR 5C

A ustralia is red as bulldust
U nder the sea we swim
S tars shine all night
T ropical rainforests hot and sticky
R oads bumpy and rocky
A ustralia the land of many sports
L ove to lie on the beach
I n the bush it is quiet
A ustralia is the best!

Bulldust:fine red dust, found in desert regions of Australia

Acrostic poem - Australia

by RY 5C

A mazing history
U nder a blazing sun
S tunning, wild animals
T remendous goldfields
R idiculously red soil
A wesome landmarks
L arge rare nuggets of gold
I nteresting monotremes
A wesome natural landforms

Goldfieldsplaces where gold is mined.
Monotremes:egg laying mammals only found in Australia and New Guinea

Acrostic poem - Australia

by PC 5C

A mazing Aussies
U ltra animals
S andy beaches
T ruly Australian
R oaring fires in summer
A ustralia Day
L ovely long lunches
I ncredible sunsets
A nd wesome animals

Acrostic poem - Australia My Homeland

by AF 5D

A n amazing place filled with joy and happiness
U nique features and great places for family memories
S uperb beaches with luscious waters and sparkling sand
T errific and friendly people
R ainforests, deserts and mountains make up Australia's
wonderful nature

A variety of native animals like the koala, kangaroo and emu
L ovely people from all different cultures
I t is special because it's my homeland
A country you will want to come to again and again and again!!

Acrostic poem - Sydney

by PC 5C

S ydney Harbour Bridge
Y achts on the harbour
D ancing all night long
N ets everywhere
E legant sunsets
Y es, the best place on earth

Sydney Habour Bridge:iconic single span bridge, landmark in Sydney, capital city of New South Wales, Australia.

Acrostic poem - William Clarke College

by EM 5D

W elcoming people
I mpossible not to make friends
L aughing all day
L earning great things
I love William Clarke College
A wesome fun at lunchtime
M any opportunities

C razy experiments in science
L uscious and well- kept oval and playground
A thletics and even more fun
R unning club
K ind teachers
E asily accepted

C aring friends
O ptional beliefs
L ove to be there
L earn about God
E very day you discover something new
G reat fun
E xcellent place to be at school.

Acrostic poem - Kellyville

by PC 5C

K ellyville
E normous sports days
L ively people
L iving large
Y ellow sunsets
V ery nice hotdogs
I ntelligent people
L ollypops
L ife is good
E legant buildings

Hotdogs:sausage in a bun.
Lollypops:lolly, candy on a stick.

Acrostic poem - Australia

by CH 5C

A wesome people!
U nreal things to see!
S pecial place!
T errific animals!
R rated the best!
A mazingly fun!
L ove our accent!
I mpossible to change!
A mazing food!

Accent:the way people speak, specific to a particular region or country.

Acrostic poem - Australia

by NC 5C

A ustralian people

U nbelievable lifestyle

S afe and sound

T errific scenery

R ate: Awesome!!!

A mple sun
L ocated: "Down under"

I ove this country

A nd don't forget the beaches

Down under:the land down under = Australia.


by CH 5C

Australia is a fantastic place to live,
Unique in every way especially in summer.
Summer in the sun on the beach is superb!
Terrific landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and much, much more.
Rocking out on the beach in our swimmers and thongs is the best.
Amazing bush, sunsets, beaches,
Lovely lakes and streams are some of our best qualities,
Irresistible farm land and animals such as koalas, kangaroos, wombats and more.
Absolutely amazing food and our shops are the best!

Kangaroos:jumping marsupial, with powerful legs, long feet and a long tail. Keep their young (joeys) in a pouch.
Koalas:the way people speak, specific to a particular region or country.
Swimmers:swimming costume, bathers, cossies.
Sydney Harbour Bridge:iconic single span bridge, landmark in Sydney, capital city of NSW, Australia
Sydney Opera House:landmark Australia building located on the Sydney Habour
Thongs:flip flops, rubber sandal-like shoe with a single division between the toes.
Wombats:large burrowing mammal, found only in Australia.


by TS 5D

A wesome

U nreal

S uper

T ops

R eal cool

A mazing
L and own under"

I nteresting

A ustralia

Land Down Under:Australia.


by CG 5D

A free country filled with love

U nique beaches and oceans like the Great Barrier Reef

S pecial native plants and animals

T errific land sites

R adiant people

A ustralia's first people were the Aborigines

L uscious trees and luxury resorts

I like Australia because we are free

A special place to live!

Aborigines:first people to inhabit Australia.
Great Barrier Reef:wonder of the world, expansive reef on the eastern coast of Australia.