by Stirling

The glossy, shiny liquid
That makes everyone fall to their knees.
A privilege to have, to hold.
To know that it is near.
The wet, luxurious feeling when you drip the gloss from your hand,
And when you let it go, there is nothing left at all.
To wash it across your face,
For it to drip until no longer there.
Whether it's been a splash on your arm,
Or a rope of wet blue.
You know, that night, you'll sleep snug in your sheets.


by Stirling

An Aussie Christmas consists of many different things:
A not-so medium rare piece of beef.
Half dead ferns being dug up by the Labrador.
Susie, Mark and Christie knocking down the neighbour's fence.
The baby squeezing glitter glue in the fish pond.
Molly tearing up the paperwork.
Uncle Matt fixing the fence with a
skipping rope.
Chocolate pudding making an early entrance.
Liam spots a gal in the corner shop,
And drives the 4-wheel junk to chase.
All six families go racing after him till 4 pm.
They all return home and crash on the sofa, hoping the same thing doesn't happen again.

Labrador:breed of large dog, makes a good family pet, often used as guide dogs for blind people.
Skipping ropejump rope, child's play rope.