The Land of Oz

by Jeremiah

Shrimps on the barbie on a Sunday arvo,
Gulpin' amber in the back of Bourke.
All is well in the land down under,
Listenin' to bogans like Men At Work.

Cackle berry muffin, kangaroo meat,
Flip flops, beach bums, smelly bare feet.
Hiking in the Sandy, with green back pack,
Surfing in the Manly, (just please don't stack!),
Calling up a handy, to fix that crack,
Life's a little wacko in the land of Oz.

Giving flies the Aussie in the great outback,
Playing with the nippers, (they're really rapt!)
Commodore wagons, Croco Dundee,
Worthington, Kylie, AC/DC.

Do a little bizzo, with the old boss cocky,
Give your mate a shout and watch a game o' hockey.
Running up the Ayer's, now that's plain rocky,
Life's a little queer in the land of Oz.

Lots o' people come from around the earth,
Movin' into houses that's bargain buy.
Cultures everywhere give colour and girth,
Buying curry or some sushi from the Asian guy.
Austrian waltz, hip-hop, Glee,
Tap dance, Irish dance, corroboree.

An oasis in the Southern, now that's Australia,
With top of range doctors to cure what ail's ya,
The people over there will never really fail ya,
Say g'day, in the land of OZ!

AC/DC:Australian rock band.
Arvo:slang for afternoon.
Ayers:Ayers Rock or Uluru, large rock in central Australia.
Back of Bourke:slang for remote, Bourke is a town located far inland in NSW, Australia
Barbie:barbeque, cooking meat on an open fire with a grill.
Bizzo:slang for business.
Bogans:people who are unkept, scruffy, badly dressed.
Boss cocky:slang for the boss.
Commodore wagons:brand of car, station wagon.
Corroboree:Aboriginal dance ceremony.
Croco Dundee:Crocodile Dundee, Australian film starring Paul Hogan.
G'day:slang for good day, hello.
Gulpin' amber:drinking beer.
Handy:handy man, someone who does odd jobs.
Kylie:Kylie Minogue, Australian pop star.
The land down under:Australia.
Manly:Australian surf beach.
Men at Work:Australian pop band famous for a song titled "A Land Down Under".
Outback:remote areas in Australia.
Sandy:Great Sandy Desert.
Stack:fall off.
Worthington:Sam Worthington, Australian actor.