Come Diving and Snorkeling!

Dear Email Gigglecritter,
I would love to invite you to come with me to Shelly Beach, Sydney, Australia so we can go diving or snorkeling. This is a really good dive site.

I think you will love this dive because of all the sea life. Some of the things you may see are PJ sharks, crabs and weird animals you may not have seen before. After the dives we will go to SLAT where we can have some lunch like BLTs or sausages.

(P.S hope you come!)

by KV, 5W

Come for a stay with me Email Gigglecritter

To dear Email Gigglecritter,
Email Gigglecritter come with me to Australia were I will take you for the BEST holiday ever! This is where we go, to Australia's best holiday destination. Up to the Gold Coast where it is the best weather ever. We will go to a water park, but don't bring your technology! The water is refreshing, delightful to feel on a hot day, but hold tight that's not all.

Will go to the centre of Aussie, so you'd better buy some boots, to see the big red rock... Uluru. But we shall go to the Olgas and walk through them to see them inside out! I bet there will be lots of dust ...Cough Cough Cough!!! But there is more....

To the beach, where there is hot sand... ouch ouch ouch!!! You really need to bring thongs. Beautiful blue seas, crystal clear! We can collect shells that are pretty as can be! We can go for a swim but don't go too far; otherwise we'll meet the sharks!!!

Email Gigglecritter I would LOVE you to come!!!

You know it's going to be fun, you know you want to come... to the...Best Holiday Ever!!!

by MW, 5C

Come For The Weekend!

Dear Email Gigglecritter,
I would like to invite you to my house for the weekend because I think that you would enjoy what I'm planning to do with you.

Firstly we will have an Aussie BBQ and will cook yummy snags (sausages), bacon and eggs. Then for dessert we will have a Pavlova with yummy lamingtons on the side.

After that nice Aussie BBQ dinner you won't want to leave. The next day we will go for a swim and enjoy the acquaintance of my elder sister. We will enjoy the nice, cool, relaxation of the water by our side.

I think that if you come to my house you will have lots of fun. I hope you choose to come to my house because I have planned a lot of Aussie activities. I hope we will enjoy ourselves and have lots of fun.

by CT, 5D

Come To My House!

Dear Email Gigglecritter,
I invite you to come to my house for the weekend. We can play anything you want. We could go swimming, to the beach, go to the theme parks on the Gold Coast, snorkeling, have takeaway every night anything you want.

You could come and watch me swim early Sunday morning. We'll have all of your favourite meals for breakfast, lunch and tea. We are going to have everything you want and have loads of fun.

by AH, 5W

Come To My House!

Dear Email Giggle Critter,
Hey, how are you going this week? It will soon be my school holidays and also Christmas is coming up!!!! I would love it if you came to visit me in my home and we could go to Jamberoo together with my family. Jamberoo is the most fantastic place you can go to. There are water slides and beaches. I would love it if you could come and visit us in our house and we could drive there.

Our house is a nice quiet place and my best friend lives close by and we could swing by and see her. I hope you can come. We could have hot dogs for lunch (they are sausages in a bun with tomato sauce) and lots more, so don't miss out.

Come and visit and have fun with me and my family and of course my best friend. You might be able to come into my house and see my beautiful pussy cats. They are lovely and they never bite. I have a brother and his name is J. He is so nice, kind and funny. I hope you can come and spend time with me.

by LG, 5D

Neslon Bay here we come!

Dear Email Giggle Critter,
I would like to take you to Nelson Bay. My family and I go there all the time!!! It is in Australia. I really would like you to come to this beautiful place. There are some delicious foods such as: Pavlova which is a dessert that is meringue with fruit on top, there is Vegemite which is a type of spread that you put on bread, we also have marmalade which is another spread and much more.

Now back to the main point - Nelson Bay. Our unit is pretty much right in front of the so called Little Beach which is great for just going for some laps up and down the beach because there are hardly any waves!!! But then there is Shoal Bay which is just a little bike ride away!!! Now this beach has BIG waves. But you have heaps and heaps of fun!!!

Now, I will tell you a little story. My Dad taught me how to ride my bike at Nelson Bay the same as my brother and sister. It's great for bikes because it has a lot of footpaths that you can ride your bikes on. It is also very convenient because there is a corner shop just past the Little Beach. I love Nelson Bay and if you're a beach type of person you will love it. If you come with me in the New Year you can come for a walk down to ANOTHER beach and you can see some FIREWORKS. They are superb!!!!
Love from your soon to be friend E.S.

by ES, 5D

A special meal!

Hi Email Gigglecritter,
This is B from William Clarke College. I would like to invite you to dinner at my house. We will be having traditional Australian barbeque. On the barbeque we are having garlic chops, sausages and chicken sticks. For dessert we are going to have fruit Pavlova. Joining us for dinner will be my friends C, L, L and mum and dad.

I hope you can join us for the best dinner of your life, you will totally be hypnotised as your taste buds will be taken on a journey you will never expect.
Lots of love

by BM, 5W

A special meal just for you!

Dear Email Gigglecritter,
Come to my house to come our Annual Flavours Dinner. We invite our friends over to have fun, dance, karaoke (optional) and of course... THE FOOD. This year we drew the themes out of a hat and it was AUSTRALIA. Awesome!

We were wondering what we were going to eat on the barbeque (BBQ) then I said LAMB. Everyone thought it was a brilliant idea because we have hundreds sheep. For dessert it was a decider between the classic Pavlova and lamingtons. So again we decided to create a Pavington (a mixture of lamingtons and Pavlova). It is rectangular like a lamington but made with the ingredients of Pavlova and covered with shredded coconut and fruit. We are making chocolate and vanilla.

Dad and his mates can cook the lamb on the BBQ and bangers (sausages) for the kids while Mum can make the mash (mash potato) inside and you and my friends can dance and karaoke together. It will be the best if you can come because you can meet my friends in Australia. Please come and if you can RSVP either by writing a letter or emailing to me and I can tell my Mum. From your friend KS.

by KS, 5C

Visit my school for the day

Dear Email Gigglecritter,
I'm inviting you over to school one day at William Clarke College. It would be good for you to come on a Tuesday but any other day would be fine too. Before the school day starts we will have to get you a special school uniform. So I'll need your size in clothes. You also have a choice of three different types of hats.

If you come we will have a double sport lesson, a music lesson, double lunch and last of all a science lesson which will be fun as.

If you want you could bring your lunch or have a lunch order. Our school canteen is packed with nice and tasty food like ice-cream and cookies but there is still healthy food to eat. So it would be an honour to have you come to my school. Have a nice day mate, hope you make it. I know you will.

by JG, 5C