Vanuatu: The happiest place on Earth

Vanuatu is formed with islands. All the islands shape the letter Y and that's why it looks lovely on a map.

Vanuatu is the happiest place on Earth because there is no fighting with guns and wars on Vanutatu.

Our country has nice islands and lovely people. Also we are kind to everybody that visits our country.

Vanuatu is an independent country. We have our own leader which is the government that governs our nation. And also it is a Christian country.

We also have leaders in our villages which we call chiefs and their councils which help the chiefs to call a meeting to straighten out any wrong things done by people in the community.

We have many special things in our country which attracts tourists, eg. caves with water inside them, volcanoes and hot springs. Vanuatu people are always kind to any visitors to our country. Also we are ready to welcome any visitors to our country. You are welcome to visit the untouched paradise, Vanuatu.

by Judy, 9C, Vanuatu