Vanuatu: My Lovely Place

Vanuatu is a nice and beautiful country with its islands that have lovely places like beaches and hotels. Vanutau's islands usually attract tourists and visitors from overseas to our islands because of the wonderful beaches bungalows, creatures in the sea and snorkelling in the water. Many tourists like to visit Pentecost and watch people jump or land diving and take their pictures when they dance their custom dances. This land-diving in their language is called "Nagkol".

The island of Efate is where the main capital of Vanuatu, Port-Vila is located. When the tourists come to visit the islands they usually leave the capital to reach the island where they want to go and see our lovely places. Now in the towns of Port-Vila, many tourists who live there usually go to the market and buy our island foods, flowers and necklaces. Some of them like the way we dress up in island dress and so they sometimes wear it too.

In the villages, many people who live in the village sell the land to tourists. Sometimes it is bad for your family to sell your land to other people, because you are going to spoil your own future. Sometimes people in the villages like to make friends with the tourists. It also makes a pleasure in our lives when we make friends together.

Our school is the main school, like our sister schools in New Zealand and Australia . They are the countries most likely to visit our schools and they also help us by sending reading books, exercise books, sport equilment and more.

I think Vanuatu our lovely country is the most beautiful place with its lovely little islands. It brings us many friends and things to our lovely Vanuatu.

Vanuatu is my home foever!!

by Julina, 9C, Vanuatu