Vanuatu is the happiest place in the world because it has so many things that attract people to migrate to it. In Vanuatu we have beautiful beaches, good food, beautiful environments, customs and volcanoes. There are so many tourists that come to visit our country and they love it so much.

In our school (Onesua Presbyterian College) we live in a beautiful place that has so many coconut plants, and lots of beautiful buildings like the chapel, Jubilee Hall, the dining hall, classrooms, the Cooperative and our dorms.

Also we live close to the beautiful sea with sand (white) and some big stones in it which we usually sit on top of, eating and watching the blue ocean or telling stories. Sometimes we see fish swimming.

We have a reef and when the sea is low you can see the reef clearly. When the sea is high you can't see the reef but you can recognise it by the waves breaking over it.

We have farmers who look after bullocks and crops on the farms. Foods that we eat are mainly from the farms or shop (rice, tinned foods).

At this moment we are looking forward to you coming for a visit. You're welcome and God Bless!

by Bronwyn, 9C, Vanuatu