Come and visit Vanuatu: The happiest place in the world

Vanuatu is the smallest island in the world. It has so many wonderful things, surrounding each island of Vanuatu, that attracts tourists attention to come to Vanuatu.

Onesua Presbyterian College is located east of Efate. It has so many wonderful things that you can see. It has farms, shops and a library, where lots of children want books to read and to feel interested in what the stories were about.

Also at O.P.C. there is a large, wide field to play soccer and a basket ball training place. It is close to the sea with good breezes blowing from the east to Onesua Presbyterian College. Last year the road was rough and bad, but this year it is good. Today lots of tourists are coming to Vanuatu on the island of Efate to see marvellous things, normally travelling from one village or place to another, exploring how people live in their traditional way.

by Samson, 9C, Vanuatu