The Precious Earth

I was in a village passing by a mountain when I noticed for the first time how beautiful the earth is. I started imagining about the earth and the environment. I wanted to know as I as walking next to the mountain how someone in space would see me. Would I be facing upside down? Or would I be standing straight but look like an ant?

I imagined the earth like a ball I can play with. That it is like a book, a new page everyday. The sun knows earth is like a roller coaster. Like a beautiful butterfly around an insect. Like a song with a new tune everyday. The earth is like an alphabet with one thing leading to another.

We see amazing things like oceans, stars and trees. We have an abundant supply of our needs from the earth. We have many continents and countries that were designed and mapped differently. We can count up to cities and small towns.

People have diverse cultures which can be embraced or rejected. What a beautiful mix! Languages make this earth even more interesting if you are curious. How come the earth does not collapse from our pressure?

I marvel at the planets. They are a work of genius. What about the different colors of planets, of grass, trees, you name it. We have millions of beautiful trees. Why does the earth rotate? Why is there an equator? Why is there no gravity in space? This is all a work of genius. And I wondered if I was approached to help design it, could I have done such a good job.

by Portia, Vulamazibuko Primary School, South Africa