Photo Shoot: Town Festival, Ukmerges Uzupio Secondary School, Lithuania

by Ieva, 11C

Dear Mr.Giggle,
The Latin proverb says: "Ubi patria ibi bene". But there is a ground path in my native country which I love dearly. It is my birthplace, my native town Ukmerg?s. Wherever I am, my heart is always at home. Every man has such a dear place; every man has his own "Highlands". So welcome to Ukmerg?a - our small, but very interesting region.

Today I am going to tell you about the town festival of Ukmerg?, which is held at the end of spring, in May. Cultural and sporting events, performances by different collectives are organized during the festival.

We, students also take part in this festival. The younger and senior students went along one of the main streets in Ukmerg? carrying various colourful symbols-balloons, paper wind mills, wooden birds. We went past a mound which is also in the centre of our town, we met other groups of students from other secondary schools and then we reached a central square which is near the Monument of Independence. We stood and watched an official ceremony which had been opened by the Mayor of our town, Mr.Algirdas Kopustas. We saw foreign guests from Germany, Poland, Sweden, Hungary, Great Britain, Ukraine, Belarus and Latvia who congratulated all dwellers and town guests on the occasion of the town festival. Then followed an orchestra concert and finally, three gunshots from a cannon marked the start of the festival.

On that festive day we had lots of activities: we went to "Grundwig town-ship", where we students and other participants tried various crafts: wood carving, weaving, painting, drawing, ceramic art, clay art. It was great. We watched different programs up to the late evening. Finally, at midnight, nice fireworks lightened the sky. Everyone was in a good mood. As for me, these pleasant moments will not fade from my memory.

I am proud of having such a wonderful festival in my native town.