Photo Shoot: Dance Groups, Ukmerges Uzupio Secondary School, Lithuania

There are four dancing collectives at our school. The adolescents’ group is attended by students from 10th to 12th grade. They rehearse after the lessons two times a week. The rehearsals last three hours. The students really fancy dancing, it gives them the opportunity to communicate with each other, dance in many events at school, the whole region of Ukmerg and the republic. This group of young dancers took part in the national Song Festival twice. This festival is organized every 4 years. Every year we go to Latvia to gig there, moreover, we invite the dancing collectives of Latvia to visit us in Lithuania.

The other group named "Nutlets" is attended by students from 5th to 6th grade. They have been dancing in this group since the first class. We often dance in other schools, and we also took part in the ‘Song Festival‘of Lithuania. The younger group "Nutlets" is attended by students from 2nd to 4th grade. They are the youngest dancers. They always try their best and willingly attend the rehearsals. Last year they participated in the national "Song Festival" and were very impressed by it and willing to continue dancing.

Probably the most popular dancing collective at our school is the students’ and teachers’ collective, where students and teachers dance together. The students and teachers of this collective dance in many events at school and in the region of Ukmerges. We also travel to other cities of Lithuania. Last year we performed a dance named ‘‘Motinele Obelel" with 24 dancers. After our first performance the audience was fascinated not only by the beauty of this dance but also by the accomplishment of it by the teachers: the grace,enthusiasm and youth of the dancers made the audience thrill of joy.

This dance was dedicated to the teacher Mr. Juzenas, who taught the students of our school for many years. The teacher was not able to hide tears of joy when he saw this performance. The headmaster of our school was impressed by the dancing collectives and she budgeted some money for the national clothes, so the dancers not only dance great but also look beautiful.

by Agne (12B), Domas (11C), Juneta (11A) and their English teacher N. Minkeviciene