by Year 6 students, St Andrew's Anglican College, New South Wales, Australia

Q. Why was the echidna sick?
A. Because he spiked his drink. (Jack)

Q. Why did the wombat go to the cricket?
A. Because he wanted to hit one for six. (Nick)

Q. What do you call a mozzi that must quit smoking?
A. A must-quit-o ( Harry , Josh & Sam)

Q. How do you know never to believe an echidna?
A. Because he's always ekiddin ya! (Olivia & Piper)

Q. What has five legs and is brown and fuzzy?
A. A wombat with a walking stick. (Isabella & Olivia)

Q. Why did the kangaroo hop so far?
A. Because her joey was a jumper. (Kayte , Tasmin & Jordan)

Q. Why did the kookaburra fly away?
A. Because all of his friends were laughing at him. (Maddy & Lorenzo)