by C and K, Concordia Lutheran College, Queensland, Australia

The Three 'Not-so-little' Wombats.
Once upon a time, not so long ago in Australia, lived three 'not-so-little' wombats. Their mother decided that the slightly bigger wombats needed to leave home. The burrow was too small for all of them. The poor confused wombats approached an Emu for help but he picked them up and carried them away into the scrubby bush. One of the wombats was dropped near a billabong.

He coo-eed to the Emu but he did not return. At the side of the billabong the first wombat found some Blue Scope steel. He built a snug shed and lived in this feeling happy with himself, hoping that one day his family would find him.

The second wombat was dropped on top of Uluru in the middle of Australia. He landed with a thump on solid rock. He could see for miles around the red desert. He found a few branches and built a cubby house that had to be rebuilt after a slight breeze made it shake, and he found that it was not weather proof. The terrified wombat couldn't wait for the day when he would see his family again.

The third wombat found himself on top of the Sydney Opera House. He started to slide down the huge shells of concrete. He could see the Sydney Harbour, Luna Park and the tall skyscrapers. Terrified, he slid down and landed onto the world's biggest lamington. He was covered in powdery and sweet stuff, which he scoffed down as fast as he could as he had had nothing to eat for days. A truckie yelled, "Is it nice mate?"
"My oath!" replied the wombat. He burrowed in and turned the lamington into a home.

Steve Irwin found the wombat that lived in the shed. He could see that it was abandoned so he invited him to live at Australia Zoo. On a field trip to Uluru Bindi Irwin found the next wombat. She saved him and carried him to the zoo as well. On Steve's next mission, at the opening of a wildlife hospital in Sydney, he saw the last wombat that lived on the world's largest lamington. He was invited back to Australia Zoo as well.

They were so happy to see each other again and found a lovely dark burrow to live in underneath the eucalyptus trees.

Billabong a pool created when a bend in a river or creek is cutt off from the river.
Blue Scope a brand of steel.
Coo-ee a loud call to attract attention.
Cubby child's play house.
Emu large, flightless bird, found only in Australia
Eucalyptus tall variety of tree with blue-grey folliage and leaves that smell of eucalyptus oil.
Lamingtonan Australian cake made of plain sponge cake cut into squares, dipped in chocolate and coconut.
Mate friend or person being spoken to.
My oath! Certainly! My goodness yes!
Scoffed down eat quickly, cram into your mouth all at once.
Scrubby bushbushland, land sparsely covered by vegetation.
Truckitruck or lorry driver.
Ulurupreviously called Ayers Rock, largest rock in the world and of great spiritual significance to the indigenous people of Australia, located in Central Australia
Wombatslarge burrowing mammal, found only in Australia.