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The GiggleIT Project
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GiggleIT DigiDoc

DigiDoc is the name chosen by students around the world to describe their online publication. They chose a new word, because a book that is presented online is different to a book that only appears in print.

A digidoc is different in a number of ways.

  1. It is always changing. You can come back to a DigiDoc and know there will be something new, so it is never quite finished.

  2. The content is easy to access. When using a DigiDoc, you can dip in and out of your favourite parts without reading the boring bits.

  3. It is interactive and links the reader to other websites, information and people from around the globe.

  4. It teaches us new reading skills, because reading online is different to reading in print.

Best of all, the GiggleIT DigiDoc is about us! The children of the world have created a DigDoc to celebrate our culture, our humour and the links that make us all global citizens.